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Foods in Belize

Belize food‘s biggest pro is the seafood like shrimp, fish, lobster and conch which are extensively offered in all the restaurants, particularly at the beaches. Belize has traditionally been one of the foremost exporters of lobster but over-harvesting these lobsters has caused its population to go down. It is still easily obtainable and comparatively low-priced but Belize has a lobster season between the months of June and February. Belize food is mainly constituted of meat as the main component. Chicken, pork, beef, oxtail and many such types of meats are all cooked in a variety of rich and dark pastes. Pig tail or salted beef is stewed together with red kidney beans dished up with steaming rice and this is a customary Belize cuisine.

Belize National Food

Local Belize food is supplied in very humble local restaurants can be amazingly scrumptious. On the contrary to other travel destinations, restaurants in Belize can go with all pockets varying from $3 to $25. The island of Ambergris Caye brags of a number of top quality restaurants while the local restaurants are acknowledged for the mouth-watering Creole dishes loaded with meat as well as seafood. If truth be told, this small Central American nation is the most distinctive and captivating place to take a vacation and from the sightseeing viewpoint this little country has loads of top-notch amenities. There are a lot of renowned hotels and all-embracing holiday resorts in Belize to make your trip, a rather unforgettable experience.

Possibly the most characteristic constituent of foods in Belize and dining is the well-known Marie Sharp’s Hot Sauce. More or less no dining table is complete not including a container of Marie Sharp’s Hot Sauce. The original taste of Marie Sharp’s is an extremely hot sauce prepared from a base of carrots, habanero peppers, and onions. At present, Marie Sharp’s has a broad variety of different fiery sauces and jams. If you have a passion for the hot foodstuff, you will be able to find that your choices aren’t confined just to Marie Sharp’s.

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