Belize is one of the most beautiful countries on Earth

Welcome to this website. It is dedicated to one of the most beautiful countries on Earth: Belize.

As writer Aldous Huxley noted back in 1934, Belize’s obscurity is it’s greatest resource. This small and wonderful country is located in Central America, surrounded by stunning turquoise colored seas to the East, and Mexico and Guatamala on the North, West and South sides. At about the size of the San Francisco Bay Area (9 counties), or at twice the size of The Netherlands (one of the minuscule countries in Europe), Belize is a small country. So it is easy to underestimate the wonderful culture, nature, history and adventure that Belize offers to it’s residents, the many tourists that flock to Belize each year, or the growing number of expatriates that have made Belize their home.

Our goal is to provide a Guide to Belize, covering a wide range of subjects. From living in Belize, to tourism, activities in Belize and so on. We invite you to enjoy this website.

Belize and Activities

Belize and Activities go hand in hand

There are a large number of activities and adventures that Belize offers:

To name but a few examples of the Belize adventure travel options. You must view our section on Activities in Belize for a full overview of the articles on this guide to Belize that are related to activities.